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Tadashi "Taddy" Yokoyama

[ Profile ]
1975 Joined Morris Guitars (finishing process).

1980 After 5 years in general manufacturing processes, I worked in the hand made guitar section, finding there the direction in which I wanted to go. In addition to guitars, I also made a variety of other instruments, including flat-back mandolins and banjos.

1984 Responsible for practically all the hand made work at Morris, I gradually built up world-wide recognition for high quality. I also used my skills for electric guitars as well as acoustic. Numerous artists were playing Yokoyama-made guitars.

2005 Left Morris after 29 years there.

2006 Formed my own guitar-making company. Began construction of Yokoyama-brand guitars.

[Selection of Materials]
I only use materials I have personally selected. Obviously I take special care in choosing the grain and density of the bracing materials. But even for other components and the finishes, I only use materials that I am totally satisfied with, in order to create my particular sound and improve performance quality.

I avoid unnecessary decoration and aim for a timeless simplicity of design.

[New types of guitar]
By constantly listening to the views of all kinds of players and artists, I continually strive to improve the quality of my guitars.

[Top Sound and Strength]
My goal is a constancy of sound with no distortion of the wood. I give my guitars a strength that leads to a lengthy lifespan if they are properly cared for, and also a sound that develops over time.

[Handcrafted, Machine-worked]
All the finer work is crafted by hand, but I make active use of machinery in cases where it surpasses work by hand. This gives increased precision and a higher quality instrument while at the same time I can keep the price as low as possible.

[Non-stress Structure]
I aim for a structure that does not strain any part of the guitar. I build the guitar such that there is as much room as possible for vibration of the neck as well as the body.

[Fine Tuning]
Naturally, I use bracings appropriate for the wood-type of each guitar body. I have in mind a sound I am after, and as I select bracing material, and glue and craft the guitar, I try to achieve this sound.

All my models have a lacquer finish. I believe a thin layer of lacquer is best for bringing out the character of the guitar over time.

[Care of Your Guitars]
The guitars are made from natural wood. If they are not properly cared for, the body may alter in shape, and develop cracks due to dryness and warping of the neck. My guitars are sensitively built, and a careful watch on humidity levels is needed.

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