Tadashi Yokoyama - creator of countless renowned models, including the well-known Morris S Series. In July 2006, after 29 years hand making guitars at Morris, Yokoyama formed his own company, Yokoyama Guitars. He offers carefully selected materials and trusted technical experience.


“To those players who have supported me"

I have long wanted to work freely, leaving my own personal mark on the world of guitar-making. Now, working solo, I am able to pursue the sound I am after and it is a great pleasure to be able to offer you my work. Keep your eye on Yokoyama Guitars! “

Tadashi "Taddy" Yokoyama

Updating information  
Jun.04, 2008 New Model released.
・SJF(Small Jumbo Type/Florentine Cutaway)
・NF (NewYorker Type/Florentine Cutaway)
・NN (NewYorker Type/Non Cutaway)

Small Jumbo Style
NewYorker Style

Feb.18, 2008 Drednaught style released.

Sitka Spruce & Indian Rosewood

Engleman Spruce & Indian Rosewood

Sitka Spruce & Indian Rosewood

Dec.31, 2007 Brazillian Rosewood model available.


AR-GB Adironduck Spruce & Brazilian Rosewood
Oct.1, 2007 Fourth Acoustic Festival in Osaka September 29~30 2007
Fourth Acoustic Festival in Osaka September 29~30 2007
Yokoyama Guitars was at the Fourth Acoustic Festival in Suita in Osaka (Japan). Many thanks to all those who came. Luthiers from all over Japan were there to make a very fruitful event. Yokoyama Guitars displayed Koa, Mahogany and Camatillo guitars with shell decoration. Visitors were able to check out the difference in sound according to wood-type. As at the Healdsburg Guitar Festival, visitors were impressed by the rich sound and bold grain of the Camatillo model. Also popular was the very light Mahogany model.

Sep.3, 2007 Healdsburg Guitar Festival August 17~19 2007
Healdsburg Guitar Festival August 17~19 2007
Yokoyama Guitars was also present at this biannual festival in Santa Rosa, California.
We were able to show large numbers of people our guitars at this big event with luthiers from all over the world. Here we displayed some classically simple models without showy shell, etc. decoration, highlighting the combinations of woods. The 2 step finger board and sound hole with rosette inlay were popular.
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July 27, 2007 C.A.A.S. (The Chet Atkins Appreciation Society) July 11~14 2007
【C.A.A.S. (The Chet Atkins Appreciation Society) July 11~14 2007
This year, we were at C.A.A.S. in Nashville, Tennessee. Many top guitarists were able to try our guitars. As in Japan, the Camatillo model was highly rated, and this 4-day event was truly stimulating for us. 
May 31, 2007
Specifications and Price Page Update.

We have added 2 models to our sample models:

 【NEW】AR-EC  Engleman Spruce & Camatillo
 【NEW】AR-EZ  Engleman Spruce & Ziricote

See new prices and options.
May 30, 2007
Tokyo Handcrafted Guitars Festival 2007 May 26~27
Tokyo Handcrafted Guitars Festival 2007 May 26~27
Our thanks to the many people who visited our booth at this event in the north of Tokyo. This was the first time we had a display in Tokyo and we were very happy that the Camatillo and Ziricote models that we have recently started using were very well-received by visitors. We will continue to keep our minds open and experiment. We look forward to your continued support.
May 1, 2007
Article in “Acoustic Guitar Magazine” Vol. 32
An article about Yokoyama Guitars was carried in the “Japanese Guitar Workshops” section of this magazine, illustrating the newest models and the workshop.

Acoustic Guitar Magazine Vol. 32
A4 size, 212 pages, with CD
Price: 1,995yen (1,900yen + tax)

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